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Call for Honorary Degree Nominations 
October 4, 2016


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Date:                                 October  4, 2016

To:                                     Academic Deans

From:                                Rick Koubek, Executive Vice President and Provost

Cc:                                     Jane Cassidy, Sr. Vice Provost

Re:                                     Honorary Degree Nomination and Selection Process

Each year, LSU has the opportunity to confer an honorary degree to extraordinary individuals who have made a significant impact in his/her field or to society. Recognizing outstanding achievement and character, this degree is the highest honor that LSU can bestow on an individual.

Pursuant to PM 7, the Baton Rouge campus may nominate up to two individuals for consideration by the Board of Supervisors.

The Office of Academic Affairs will accept nominations to award honorary degrees at its Spring 2017 Commencement ceremonies until November 9. 2016. The Selection Committee,comprised of faculty, will meet in December, then forward two candidates for consideration and approval by the LSU Board of Supervisors. In the event that the committee receives more than two nominations, those not selected will remain viable for consideration by the committee for two consecutive years.

Nominees must meet the criteria outlined in PM 7 and nomination packages must contain detailed biographical information, a curriculum vitae or resume, letters of recommendation, other supporting documentation and a letter of support from the nominating dean. The nomination packet should be addressed to the Executive Vice President and Provost, who serves as the ex-officio chair of the honorary degree committee.

Complete nomination packets must be marked confidential and may be submitted electronically or via mail to  the following address.

LSU Office of Academic Affairs
156 Thomas Boyd Hall Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Email: janetnewhall@l

Please feel free to contact me directly, if you have any questions at all about this very important university process.