Vehicle Operation



a. Operators shall be responsible for visually checking the vehicle for safety prior to placing it in motion. Each vehicle’s safety features should be checked before use each day, using the appropriate checklist for each department.

b. Department supervisors shall be responsible for assuring that fluid levels are checked at least weekly for vehicles used on a routine basis. Other vehicles should be checked before each use.

a. Operators of vehicles must be properly licenced for the vehicle being driven. For example, drivers of vans and buses which carry 16 or more passengers must have a commercial drivers license with passenger endorsement.

b. All vehicle operator shall be trained and have motor vehicle records checked in accordance with the Safe Driver Program located in the appendix.

Accidents in state vehicles and in personal vehicles being used for state purposes shall be reported as soon as possible to the appropriate supervisor.

a. Vehicle operators shall know and observe all traffic laws.

b. At least a 2 second following distance will be kept at all times. Following distances will be increased in adverse conditions to at least 3 seconds.


The L.S.U. Safe Driver Program shall be followed by all employees and can be found the appendix.